From 18h00 to 24h00

60€ / pessoa - mínimo 2 pessoas


- Discover the south coast of the island of São Miguel, with an optional stop at Água de Alto beach
- Enjoy the famous stew of Furnas cooked inside the earth with the heat coming from volcanic activity
- Relax in the magnificent thermal waters of the "Poça da Dona Beija"

Description of the route

The route is made by the south coast of the island of São Miguel, where you can see the islet of Vila Franca, where one of the stages of the Cliff Diving World Championship, the Redbull Cliff Diving, is held every year.
Still in Vila Franca you can visit the Queijadas da Vila factory, one of the most famous and tasty delicacies of the Azores.

Getting closer to the small village of Furnas, enjoy the peaceful Furnas Lagoon. In the vicinity of the lagoon the locals put on a meal known as the Cozido das Furnas, which will be served at the local restaurants.

Take a hot thermal bath in the well-known Poça da Dona Beija. The sensation of relaxation and relief from tensions is immediate. In a unique natural setting this is also an experience you will hardly forget.


Round trip; Entrance to the Pool of Mrs. Beija; Insurance and Guide.


We do not recommend to wear a white bathing suit or bikini.