Souvenir store

To love the Azores is to have 9 loves and not want to choose just one. It is to love the mists and the black sand, the nature and stones of the sidewalk, the calm sea and the brave sea! It is to love the fisherman, the surfer, the ceramist, the baker and the lord of the tasca. It is to love every peculiarity that the archipelago offers and want to give back. It is love at first sight and at last sight, through an airplane window, until the next return. Do you also feel this love? Greetings! You are an Azores Lovers!

The Azores Lovers emerges with the need to expand this love that runs through our veins, materializing in the paper, in the digital world, and articles for sale, the particularities of the Azores through their own identity and expression. We offer alternative itineraries, tips and guides, allied to a set of promotional offers, which contribute to experiences as different as the islands are. Our products are created with a contemporary and original design that exalt the nature, culture and experiences of the Azores. In addition to our store, we want to make this love pulsar anywhere in the world through our website and social networks, where we want to inspire the Azores Lovers of this world to grow this brand with us.